​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
This Little Light


Early Childhood - 2 years to Kindergarten
Classroom/Small Group (Ideal for small groups of up to 20 children.  Maximum of 50 children)

Traditional folk tunes, storytelling, and sing-alongs give children an opportunity to explore sounds and stories from American, European, and African traditions.  This fun, engaging program reinforces concepts such as beat, rhythm, visual literacy, and kindness to children while introducing them to the rich musical heritage of our country.

30 Minutes:  $275 (additional show $150 - same day, same location)

The Song of America (Coming Soon!  Will be available spring of 2019)


PreK - 5th Grade
Assembly Program (for groups of 50 to 300 children)

Explore American heritage and history through traditional folk music and storytelling.  From the early colonization and settlement period to postwar United States, students are given a unique opportunity to connect with American history and the people who built a nation!


45 Minutes:  $475 (additional show $250 - same day, same location)



Travel Fees 

(Roundtrip from Berwyn, PA)

Under 75 miles        No fee

76-100 miles           $50

101-125 miles          $75

*please contact for fee for any travel distance over 125 miles

Birthday Parties


Ages 1 - 6
(for groups of up to 20 children - weekday availability only)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your child's birthday without all the stress!  Let Maggie engage and entertain the youngsters with a craft, a story, and some sweet folk music to get their bodies moving (and then settled down again!).  You provide the location, the decorations, and the friends and loved ones... Maggie will do the rest right up until it's time to cut the cake!

1 hour program:  $350

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