"Songs are the statements of a people.  You can learn more about people by listening to their songs than in any other way..." John Steinbeck

History through Song.  

Our humanity, our similarities, our struggles, and our triumphs are echoed in its melodies... often giving us glimpses into the lives of those who penned the lyrics.  Song is an avenue with which we celebrate the present, dream of the future, and connect with the past. 

From the haunting ballads of Appalachian music to the freedom songs of the civil rights movement... these songs record history from the unique perspective of those living it. Sounds and rhythms from different cultures combine and evolve into new musical styles... weaving a story that is uniquely American.

About Maggie:

Maggie's love for education came prior to when her children were born, when she worked as the Academic Programs Coordinator for the NJ Academy for Aquatic Sciences.  Here, she learned the importance of creating programs that students and teachers would not only enjoy, but that would also fit into their curriculum nicely and provide a valuable and fun learning experience.


Now the mother of four young children, Maggie has since come to fully appreciate the beautiful connection children have to music.  The hours spent at home with her kids gave her time to hone her skills, to share music with her children and her friends, and to dig deep into the folk tradition.  Now she combines her love of children, education, and folk music to offer a unique experience that both children and adults love!  


Maggie can also be found performing locally in Southeastern Pennsylvania as singer/songwriter, Maggie Pope, and  with her band, Under the Oak. The World Cafe Live, The Wayne Music Festival, and The Sellersville Theater are just a few of the venues where she has entertained audiences with her simple melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

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