How do I book a program?

I look forward to sharing music with you!  Please email maggie@maggiepope.com for more information or to book a program.


What about sound/PA systems?

Some programs for smaller groups do not require a sound system at all, and make for a fabulous and intimate program for our youngest groups. During the booking process, we will discuss sound requirements, group size, room size and other details about the program. If necessary, Maggie will bring along a portable PA system. The only requirement on your end here is to ensure there is an electrical outlet nearby!



Full payment is expected on the day of your program. Thank you!



If you need to cancel, please try to inform Maggie as soon as possible.  Every effort made to find a good time to reschedule is appreciated. In the event that your program needs to be rescheduled due to circumstances on Maggie's end (illness, etc), you will receive a 25% discount on your rescheduled program.  Programs affected by hazardous weather conditions will be rescheduled. 

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